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Learn how to make six figures as an independent Dominatrix in as little as two weeks


As an independent, self-educated Dominatrix, Mistress Rogue has created an intensive, complete educational course for the modern aspiring Dominatrix. With over 60 hours of in-person one-on-one training, secrets in the craft of BDSM and FEMDOM. This course was carefully crafted by Mistress Rogue, a Full-Time Professional Dominatrix.

This course is designed to cover all the techniques used by professional Dominants in the Adult Industry. Starting from the absolute beginner to advanced techniques you’ll be able to perform in real-life.

No redundant content, No filler content

Personal and financial growth

Flexible Programs

Dive fast and deep or learn at your own pace

No filler content

No long, boring tutorials

One on One mentorship

Choose between online classes or one on one lessons.

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The information you will be receiving from this course will teach you exactly what you need to know in order to succeed in the Professional Domination Industry.

In addition to learning how to be a Professional Dominatrix and succeed at in-person sessions, you will learn how to generate passive income through managing and posting on fansites such as Onlyfans, Justforfans, LoyalFans, etc. And you’ll learn how to create, edit and make clips to sell on clip stores such as Clips4sale, ManyVids, Iwantclips, and mainstream websites such as Pornhub, Xvideos, Kink, etc.

The Dominatrix Bootcamp Course can be finished as early as two weeks or slow as desired, giving the apprentice time to practice if needed.

The course consists of 14 in-depth workshops of 4 hours each and a final test in which you’ll put all your studies to the test to achieve your certification as a Professional Dominatrix.

It’s a small investment with a huge return and the possibility of diving into a life-long career as an independent entrepreneur. You will be able to work from almost anywhere in the world, learn to file taxes, and keep up with legal paperwork with ease.

Disclaimer: the content of this course do not imply that you will become a skilled professional in any amount of time, but to provide the educational material to develop such skills.

The art and craft of BDSM and FEMDOM requires practice in order to achieve mastery.

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